Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Wonderous Spam Poem

This caught my eye in my spam folder:

shut in by deserts, on every side, by land; and the shoals, and abandoned to wild beasts, noxious reptiles, and huge and ferocious birds to attack the place. He accordingly advanced with a strong detachment of dangerous conspiracy which had been formed against the king. Alexander
attempt to tell the story of the origin of her population. Here stand represent to him that it would be much better, both for him and for his to the queen that a large box had arrived for her. The box was brought indulgence, and reckless cruelty and crime, which were exhibited with
The head had been left entire, that the wretched mother might recognize intended, that it still continues, after the lapse of twenty centuries and research, confined to the surface of the ground, have been occupied

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